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HP ML350 G6  Tower to Rack conversion kit 534534-B21
this item is New  open box bezel rails is system pulls.
Comes with
1x Bezel
2x Rack side rails (receiving)
2x server side rails
2x thumb screw for attaching Bezel

It's an in house compilation similar to what you will get in an original kit, but comes without a cable management arm, or any cable tie

Click on more details for  a few hint on the tower server

HP ML350 G6 Tower to Rack conversion kit 534534-B21

SKU: 534534-B21
  • This Kit allows the conversion of a ML350 G6 tower server to a rack format, includes all the necessary part to mount the server in a rack and the bezel to fit a rack format.

    On the tower server you intend to convert to rack, there are no visible lugs to attach the server side rails., this is because its hidden inside the Black panels.

    at the front of the server there are 2 screws (hex type) on left side one and on the top when looking front side standing up,

    after you remove the sliding access panel, remove those 2 screws and force the top lid backward making sure that the server is on the floor straight up, once the top lid is off it will expose one set of lugs, do the same for the left side lid and the bottom will expose another set.

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